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This is my personal webpage devoted to function as a link between public debates in society and my work as a lecturer and a researcher in Media- and communication studies at Malmö University, Sweden. In the navigation bar above you will find bio, my blog, articles and interviews as well as my contact information. Enjoy!




My name is Michael Krona, I am 37 years old and have worked within the academic field for about 13 years.

I really enjoy my work and hold a passion for the creative processes involved in both writing and teaching. I have had, and still have, the privilege of working with brilliant people who in many ways inspire me to perform better every day. I hope this ambition and passion can manifest itself on this page as well. On whatever subject I write I always try to share my interest for knowledge, learning, understanding and stimulate analytical thinking. By using this website, and the blog in particular, I try to mediate subjects and debates surrounding my everyday life as a media researcher and communicate them in a different form and hopefully make people in general interested in what I do and the subjects I discuss every day.

Hence, currently I am positioned as Senior Lecturer at School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University in Sweden. I hold a Ph D and is now Associate Professor in Media- and communication studies and Visual Communication, with a particular research focus on new media technology, media activism and social change. During the spring of 2015 I am writing a book on media technology and political revolutions during the 20th century. Currently I am working with a more dark side of media activism, namely the strategic use of social media by the Islamic State. A more detailed description of this as well as other ongoing work is presented under Research from the main page.

My teaching areas evolves around media activism, strategy, media history, visual communication, journalism, new media and communication for development. Within these areas there are a number of more specific subjects and courses that I teach more extensively on, for example radio- and television history, narrative theory, media discourse, new media and political activism, cultural theory and globalization.

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