Media education

Currently, in the midst of anxiety (and excitement) with article and book project, I am taking part in the development of a new Bachelor program in Media and communication studies, focusing on media activism, strategy and entrepreneurship. It will start this fall and constitutes a very interesting challenge. Together with other lecturers and researchers at School af Arts and Communication (K3), Malmö University, I am looking forward to contribute to an exciting and innovative approach to media education. To use media activism, strategy and entrepreneurship as entrance points into the world of media practices, I believe is a promising take on the challenge to encourage new critical understanding of media- and communication studies.


Both the concepts of media activism and entrepreneurship have a clear action based reference.

For example, media activism refers to the mobilization linked to social movements and other organizations. Structures and forms of contemporary media landscape are constantly changing and in recent years media activism has become a common mean for both organizations and individuals to express themselves in alternative media spheres, such as social media platforms or other networks. I believe it is of great importance for media students to be able to navigate through several forms of media technology and combine practical knowledge with critical analysis, in order to be well prepared for a media industry in which they can explore ideas and thougts on how to write their own professional history and future.