Interview with TV4 about ISIS claims and western media coverage (Feb 2017)

Interview with Swedish Radio (SR) about ISIS media recruitment (Dec 2016)

Interview in Tidningen Curie about researching extremism and ISIS (Aug 2016)

Interview in Sydsvenskan about the propaganda and future of ISIS (March 2016)

Interview on India Times Now News show about ISIS attacks (Nov 2015)

Interview in The Local about working with researching ISIS (Feb 2016)

Opinion on Al-Jazeera English on new coverage of Ebola outbreak (8.50) Nov 2014

Interview about digital media and social change in Politiken (danish) (July 2015)

Interview with TV4 on social media mobilization (March 2014)

Interview about researching ISIS propaganda, in Skånska Dagbladet (Sep 2015)

Interview about social media and politics in Metro Sweden (April 2014)

Interview with MediaTalks on media research and academic life (Dec 2013)

Interview from Swedish Television on the future of print media (Oct 2012)

Public chat with readers on social media, images and privacy settings at Skånska Dagbladet (Sep 2013)


Medea Vox Podcast on Extremist Communication (March 2016)


Presentation at The Conference 2016 about ISIS and extremist communication (Aug 2016)

Public presentation (in swedish) about ISIS media propaganda (Jan 2016)

Public lecture on social technology within organizations (March 2014)

Lecture on resistance technologies and political activism in the MENA-region (Oct 2013)

Lecture/debate on livestreaming as political activism in Egypt (Feb 2014)

Lecture on the role of technology in Middle East and the Arab Spring (Feb 2013)

Lecture on New Media and political activism (Feb 2012)

Lecture on Political activism and public spheres (Oct 2011)

Public lecture on Wikileaks and journalism in transition (May 2011)


Panel debate on mobile phone usage, implications and effects on leisure and everyday life (Oct 2013)


Article on news distortion in journalism at Transcend Media Service on Peace Journalism (April 2015) – Debate article on social media around Boston bombings, Apr 2013 (Swedish)

Article on western neglection of Gaza conflict (2012)

Svenska Dagbladet – Article on Wikileaks and media power (July 2010)  – Debate article on the role of social media after the Oslo and Utoya attacks on July 22, 2011 (Swedish) – Debate article on media discourses surrounding terrorism (Swedish) – Debate article on Internet freedom (Swedish)

Aftonbladet – Debate article on moral and ethics on the Internet (Swedish)

SVT – Debate article on the role of social media in crisis (Swedish)

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