Ongoing work – Forthcoming:

Edited volumes:

Krona, Michael. & Pennington, Rosemary (editors.). Forthcoming 2019. The Media World of ISIS, Indiana University Press

Journal articles:

Krona, Michael. 2019/2020. “Collaborative media practices and interconnected digital strategies of Islamic State (IS) and pro IS supporter networks on Telegram” (sent for review to International Journal of Communication)

Krona, Michael. 2020/2021. “The Theatre of the Grotesque – visual imagery and analysis of IS beheadings” (to be under review for Journal of Visual Culture)



Krona, Michael. 2015, “Contravigilancia y videoactivismo desde la plaza Tahrir. Sobre las paradojas de la sociedad contravigilante” in Montero, D. & F Sierra Caballero, Videoactivismo y Movimientos Sociales. Teoría y praxis de las multitudes conectadas, (Gedisa Publishing House, Barcelona)

Krona, Michael. & Adler, Måns. 2014, “Emerging Publics and Interventions in Democracy”, in Ehn, P., Topgaard, R. & Nilsson, E. (red) 2014, Making Futures − marginal notes on Innovation, Design and Democracy (MIT Press)

Krona, Michael & Bergknut, Amanda, 2011, “Social media mobilization in Arab nations during the uprising of 2011 – exploring the combination of Interaction design and Media- and communication studies to analyze citizens’ interaction through social media in relation to social change”, Conference Paper for NordMedia 2011, Akureyri, Iceland

Krona, Michael, 2009, Från orsak till verkan – berättarstrategier i Sveriges Televisions inrikespolitiska nyhetsförmedling 1978-2005, Lund: Mediatryck (Doctoral thesis, in swedish)

Krona, Michael. 2006, “Filmfinansiering och regionalism” i E. Hedling & A-K Wallengren (red) Solskenslandet – Svensk Film under 2000-talet, Stockholm: Atlantis Förlag (Anthology chapter, in swedish)




  • International Symposium at the Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication (CARGC) at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, April 5 – 6, 2018, Philadelphia, US. Paper entitled: “Collaborative media practices and interconnected digital strategies of Islamic State (IS) and pro-IS supporter networks on Telegram”
  • “Risks, Roots and Responses, Nordic Conference on Research on Violent Extremism”, Gothenburg, Sweden 2017. Presented paper: Weaponizing Media and Sympathizers – ISIS Decentralized Media Strategies
  • Conference “Age of Information overload”, University of Tartu, Estonia. 2016. Presentation title: The Media World of ISIS – Experiences of Researching Extremist Communication
  • Conference on Communication, Tallinn, Estonia, 2016. Presentation title: Popjihadism and the Virtual Caliphate – The Visual Rhetorics of ISIS propaganda
  • Communication for Development conference, University of Guelph, Toronto, Canada, 2015. Presentation title: Contemporary media- and Political Activism in the MENA-region
  • Art and media conference in Florence, Italy, june 2008 – “Assic Et Medias”. Presented paper: Understanding contemporary political communication – journalism and politics in transistion
  • Media conference at Université de Paris III, Paris, France feb 2005. Presented paper: Political communication in public service television – a sociohistorical approach
  • Media conference at Université de Paris III, Paris, France mars 2006. Presented paper: Changing televsion culture – theoretical aspects of television in relation to politics and reality
  • Media conference at Université de Paris III, Paris, France nov 2006. Presented paper: Media accountability – implications for public service broadcasting in the age of digitalization 

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